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Furnished LA continues to witness a strong demand for furnished properties available for corporate rentals. Condos, townhouses, apartments and single family homes are needed. Submitting your property will mean exposure to a world-wide audience. This site is a marketing tool well worth the modest investment. As the owner you control the rental process; making certain the agreement reached is beneficial to you and the renter.

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Register as an Advertiser, then access the Owners Dashboard; scrolling to the Rental Tools you’ll find the discounted additional services that you can decide whether you wish to take advantage of or not. The excellent information in the CHBO Handbook can help the experienced or novice corporate owner. When submitting your property take the time to describe the features that will help promote your property. Don’t forget to mention any corporate offices, educational institutions, medical facilities and other local attractions that can be meaningful to a prospective tenant. Quality pictures depicting your property are essential for effective marketing. The submittal process is easy and we are always here to help should you run into a problem. The investment, which is less than a dollar a day, will put you on your way to working with tenants interested in your property. If you are unsure of what rent to charge, we can without cost, do some research to give you an idea. After the first 30 days your property has been on the market and if it is not rented let us know and we will extend your annual listing an additional six months from your current expiration date without charge. Please call  877.333.2426 if you have any questions.
Register and Post your property today. We look forward to serving you.